When Domestic Staff Burn Out & How To Avoid It


It’s tempting to want to find that one magical employee that can take care of everything; from kids’ meals to scrubbing floorboards to managing household renovations. The truth is, that magic employee will burn out quickly and leave you with work unfinished or improperly completed. When they do leave, you will be back at the beginning of a hiring search.

Above all, you want staff that are focused on their tasks and providing quality service to your life. That is not to say you should hire staff that aren’t adaptable and flexible to life’s many twists and turns. For example, nannies sometimes take on general house cleaning or errand running while the children are in school. Housekeepers may prepare a small meal or serve guests.


How to Avoid Burn Out

Being respectful of each staff members unique skills and duties will result in happier staff that are more invested in your home and will remain in your employ for years to come. For example, you may be tempted to have your nanny scrub the bathroom while she is “on-the-clock” to maximize her time, but your nanny is hired and compensated for her expertise in childcare and that should be her focus.

The best way to avoid burn out in your domestic staff is to set clear expectations and boundaries. It is important to begin the relationship right from the day of hire. Using an employee contract that is signed by all parties can eliminate miscommunication and establish clear expectations for you and each staff member.

The nature and atmosphere of your home or estate is unique to your family and lifestyle. Some homes require formal staff with white glove service, while others operate best with a relaxed and easy-going setting. No matter the level of formality, it’s important for both you and your staff that clear boundaries are in place. Smooth running residences operate with clear and specific expectations for all staff.

Delegating staff management to an estate manager or house manager can eliminate difficult situations between employer and employee. The manager will be able to address problems as they arise and lead by example. For other staff, a trustworthy manager is a great asset who can communicate the wishes of the principal and set clear expectations.


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Working with a Domestic Staffing Agency

Because every family’s needs are different, our commitment as your domestic staffing agency is to provide expert service that saves you time, ensures all details are in order, and matches household staff that compliments your home and unique needs. Because we focus on meeting your specific lifestyle and needs and match you only with candidates that are well-suited and experienced in similar environments, staff burn out and replacement can be avoided. We believe that if both sides of the placement - family and staff - are satisfied, the relationship will be happier, more successful, and longer-lasting.

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