Hiring an Estate Manager in California


The key factor in determining the status of an Estate Manager will be their experience managing multiple homes and properties. Qualified Managers will have worked for Principals with 3 or more properties across the United States and/or abroad.

Are you upgrading your home? Relocating? Restructuring?


Running a home is like setting up a small business. The same structure, hiring, and operational complexities are involved when it comes to domestic staffing. As a business needs its CEO, the first thing your household needs is the Estate Manager.


The right one will depend on the size of your home and the number of homes you need managed. An Estate Manager works on setting up a solid daily structure for your home and also implements hiring practices for all other staff. They will assess your staffing needs and desires, outlining the positions you need filled, such as Nannies, Housekeepers, Chefs, House Managers, personal assistants, etc. The Manager will know how to screen and hire the ideal staff for the schedule and size of the home.


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What does an Estate Manager do?

Working for these large, multiple homes, the Estate Manager is a kind of "Chief of Staff" for the family, carrying out the wishes of the Principal at each location. They also have broad authority over all household and estate operations, and manage extensive property and staff issues on a daily basis. They may handle the buying, selling, and building of properties, yachts and jets.


The Manager will oversee the compilation and implementation of the household manual with each property’s House Manager to ensure a professional and consistent experience as the Principal, family and guests travel between properties.


An Estate Manager may be asked to oversee such areas such as the vineyard, stables, oversee budgets and the accountants and the staff that support these operations. A qualified Manager will have an excellent rapport with both the staff in the homes and the Principals of the properties. They will understand how to manage accounts while also be able to fill in for a staff member should this ever be deemed necessary.


Hiring an Estate Manager in California

Because an Estate Manager is responsible for multiple properties that may be all over the world, experienced Managers will be experts at relocation and remote work. No matter where your home-base is, you want a Manager that is competent, professional and a compliment to your lifestyle and properties.


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