Hiring a Personal Assistant


British American Household Staffing represents the best Personal Assistants in California, including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Palo Alto and Atherton.

Who Needs a Personal Assistant?

A qualified Personal Assistant is an integral position for busy families, couples and professionals. Anyone can benefit from the time they will save by delegating certain tasks to a trusted PA. Personal Assistants can work alongside entrepreneurs, new and established, to help manage and build businesses, and can act as a right-hand for working parents juggling work and home life. 

What Does A Personal Assistant Do?

Personal Assistants understand the “around the clock” needs that busy people living across several time zones have can vary from managing the family calendar, being in charge of personal shopping, planning events, paying bills and arranging travel to handling investments and philanthropic accounts, and even working in the office of the family business.

A professional PA should have an impressive rolodex of relevant contacts in areas such as personal shopping, vendors related to the home, billing and more. A high quality Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant will understand Quickbooks, how to manage an estate or celebrity home and how to manage staff. They could also perform or manage some HR duties including hiring and healthcare forms and may also oversee some bookkeeping and vendor management. A high-quality Personal Assistant should be an excellent gate-keeper and highly discreet professionals with extensive experience in a formal, private and often busy residence. 

A business-minded Personal Assistant, sometimes referred to as a Personal Executive Assistant, will be extremely tech-savvy and both Mac and PC literate. They will be able to book personal and professional appointments such as birthdays and cosmetic appointments as well as business meetings. They will arrange all travel and will organize and oversee the maintenance of any private yacht or jet travel and staff. 

What to Consider When Hiring a Personal Assistant

When you begin your search for a Personal Assistant, take a general inventory of your needs. Different PA’s will be experts in particular industries and tasks. So your search should focus on those PA’s that will best meet your particular needs. Do you travel often and need someone who can arrange and troubleshoot travel arrangements remotely? Do you own your own business that could benefit from having hands-on support? Could your family and household staff benefit from having a professional to maintain order?

If you can, keep track of your tasks for a week. This will give you a clear picture of areas that are not maximizing your time and need to be delegated to someone else. A qualified Personal Assistant will have a “hands on” attitude and be able to take initiative and prioritize properly. You will be able to hand off tasks with confidence that they will be completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Also consider the schedule that will benefit you and your family best. Is a structured 9-5 enough to provide the support you need? Or would a more flexible schedule better maintain your busy life? 

Beginning Your Search to Hire Your Personal Assistant

Finding a great Personal Assistant can increase your productivity and maximize your and your family’s time. British American Household Staffing represents the highest level domestic staff in California, including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Palo Alto and Atherton. Our candidates are fully vetted, background and reference checked in all US states and abroad.

Our process can take the stress out of hiring:

Our expert staff will be able to identify your needs and act as a matchmaker between you and your new Personal Assistant. We have the experience of seeing many different types of PA’s in many different types of roles and can provide insight to what would work best for you.

You will save time by relying on our processes of vetting candidates and presenting only those that would meet your needs. 

We are here to provide you with support through the hiring process, including advisement on salaries, benefits, schedule, and any relevant tax information for hiring in your state.