Hurricane Prep: How Safety Features Can Improve Your Property Value

By Jennifer Nelson for Corcoran


With 2017 stacking up as one of the priciest hurricane seasons in Florida history, it’s become even more important to invest in ways to protect your home—and maintain its value.

“Investing in home storm safety features now will pay dividends later when a storm is imminent—in terms of both preventing damage to your home and its resale value,” says Geoff Darnell, sales associate at Corcoran, who has lived and worked in Palm Beach since the 80s.

Here are his recommendations for safety features that offer a return on investment (ROI) for safety and value:

Storm Impact Windows

Storm impact windows not only can withstand the force of a storm, they can reduce how much you spend to cool your home—offering excellent ROI if you’ll be selling in the future.

“Hurricane impact windows are one of the best investments a coastal community property owner can make,” Darnell says. “Modern storm windows add value along with safety, peace of mind, energy savings, noise reduction and reduced insurance cost.”

Hurricane Shutters

Storm shutters cost just a fraction of the price of impact windows and also add safety and value. If your shutters are old, rusted or out of date, they will detract from your home’s appearance and may not withstand fierce hurricane winds. 

Impact Garage Door

If you think all garage doors are alike, think again. Some 80 percent of hurricane damage starts when wind blows in through the garage door. Wind-rated impact garage doors can protect against storm winds and debris damage and prevent a buildup of internal pressure that—unchecked—could even blow out the roof of your home.

Impact Screens

Since Floridians practically live in their lanais, screened porches and pool enclosures, protecting those spaces with impact screens offers another way to prepare for a major storm. Impact screens are transparent, lightweight and strong, and offer protection from wind-driven rain and flying debris.


Besides improving curb appeal, regular landscaping can provide an effective tool to boost storm safety. Prune trees and bushes surrounding your house, pick up loose palm fronds and coconuts and be sure to remove potential fallen limbs and trees that can hit the exterior of your home.

Simply by increasing the beauty of your outdoor space, you can improve its safety—and value. That’s a “win-wind” during hurricane season and all throughout the year.