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The number of families in the United States and abroad employing private Chefs has grown in the last decade. What was once considered an expendable luxury is becoming more and more popular and integral to supporting busy families. For most families, the convenience and support of having a private Chef, as well as the health benefits, more than outweigh the cost.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Chef

The convenience of having an in-home Chef to take care of meals and kitchens is more than worth the cost for most families. Once given the dietary needs and preferences of their family, Chefs can handle all meal planning, groceries, preparation, and serving.


The support a private Chef provides to a busy home is another advantage. Some Chefs have expertise in planning and executing large events. Some have experience managing household staff and can take on larger roles supporting the home. Depending on the needs of the family, Chefs will be in the home full-time, a few times a week, or as needed. A skilled Chef can also train other members of the staff in food preparation and serving.


Experienced Chefs are equipped with the knowledge to introduce new tastes and dishes into a family’s diet and offer healthy alternatives to favorites. Many families notice the health benefits of having an expert Chef purchase and prepare their favorite meals or introduce custom diets and meal planning from scratch.

What to Know When Hiring a Private Chef 

All the chefs represented by British American Household Staffing have extensive training and experience working in formal homes and restaurants. While technical skills are important, food tastes and personality are vital to making a long-lasting and happy placement. 


Consider the needs of your home when looking to hire a private chef. Do you entertain? For large or small parties? We have Chefs with experience with large events and single households. Do you have any special dietary needs or favorite cuisines? Most Chefs will specialize in a cuisine/s and can offer authentic tastes and experiences. Are there children in the home that may need special meals? Chefs that can anticipate younger palettes and adjust without compromising quality or health are invaluable. 

Find and Hire a Private Chef

To begin the process of finding a full time or part time private chef to hire, please email us at info@bahs.comor submit your details here.