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Los Angeles Personal Assistant

British American Household Staffing represents the highest quality Personal Assistants in Southern California; including Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara. Our vigorous screening process selects only the most qualified and experienced candidates. Our expert team of recruiters will work with you to find the right match to you family’s needs to work toward a happy and long-term placement. 


What Makes a Good Personal Assistant?

When hiring a Personal Assistant, you are looking for a professional who can support all aspects of your life and business. This support is invaluable for the busy professional or family to maintain balance and maximize time.


While there is no set standard of educational requirements to be a Personal Assistant, a college degree in communications or business is common. Personal Assistants represented by British American Household Staffing have prior experience working with celebrities and high-level executives.


Key features of a great Personal Assistant are: discretion and loyalty, reliability, tech-savviness, “hands on” attitude, and the ability to work proactively.


Most importantly, your personal assistant should practice discretion and loyalty. In handling most, if not all, aspects of a life or business, a Personal Assistant must be trustworthy and work with their Principal’s best interest in mind. They are not a slave, but a good assistant is a solid support for their Principal that keeps life organized and running.


Competency and reliability is key. Personal Assistants are responsible for many details of life and business being completed.


A Personal Assistant will be able to navigate technological changes and problems for their Principal. A high quality Personal Assistant will have experience Quickbooks, vendor billing, calendar coordination, travel arrangements, overseeing home maintenance, and management of home staff.


Being a team player is a crucial need for any personal assistant. Not only because no task is too small, but your assistant will be coordinating and sometimes managing the rest of your team.


Through knowing your needs and being in tune with the inner workings of your life and business, a good assistant will be able to anticipate problems before they come. A good assistant can react and solve problems with ease. A great assistant can proactively work to avoid problems all together.


Find and Hire a Personal Assistant

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