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Los Angeles Career Nanny

British American Household Staffing represents the highest quality Nannies and Governesses in Southern California; including Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara. Our vigorous screening process selects only the most qualified and experienced candidates. Our expert team of recruiters will work with you to find the right match of care giver to you family’s needs to work toward a happy and long-term placement. 


What Makes a Career Nanny?

Career Nannies have extensive experience working full-time, one-on-one with the children of a family. They have experience being full-charge caretakers of the children, assuming a role that resembles a parent while maintaining appropriate boundaries. Our Career Nannies bring a high level of quality, care, and discretion to each family with which they work.


Career Nannies will be equipped with knowledge of first aid and CPR, cooking, organizational, and some teaching skills. Some Career Nannies have past experience in classrooms or tutoring. Others will have college degrees. While there is no set standard for education requirements for Career Nannies, they may have degrees in childhood development or in an education-related field. Some professional Nannies have teaching credentials and experience, while others may have pursued a master’s degree in behavior or education.


Beyond taking care of children’s basic physical needs like feeding, napping, and safety, a Career Nanny will be able to plan outings and activities for the children; creating and implementing educational activities based on each child’s level of development. 


Many Career Nannies are fluent in more than one language, which can be a great asset in a child’s development. Many Nannies with BAHS are fluent in a second language; such as French, Spanish, Greek, German, and more.


Career Nannies have the training and expertise to provide high quality care for your child, but most importantly, they will know to follow the parent’s lead and prioritize open communication to ensure they are carrying out what is best for the family. 


Find and Hire a Career Nanny for Your Children

To begin your search, please email us at info@bahs.com or submit your details here.


If you are a Career Nanny looking for employment, please visit our Candidates page.