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Los Angeles House Manager

British American Household Staffing represents the highest quality House Managers in Southern California; including Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara. Our vigorous screening process selects only the most qualified and experienced candidates. Our expert team of recruiters will work with you to find the right match to you family’s needs to work toward a happy and long-term placement. 


What Makes a Good House Manager?

A House Manager is responsible for the running and maintenance of a single home. Their tasks may include family scheduling, staff management and training, household finances, event planning, and vendor coordination. They may also oversee renovations or a move and be responsible for all steps in these processes. It is vital that a House Manager is organized and reliable as they see to the basic functioning of the home. 


In juggling these tasks, a high-quality House Manager will be an excellent communicator. They are the direct line of communication to the Principal concerning the running of the home. They will also have a hand in hiring, training, and managing other household staff. Communication and a commitment to discretion is key to any House Manager’s role.


Whether the home they are employed in is formal or informal, a House Manager will understand the importance of presentation - not only for the home, but for themselves and the other staff. Based on the family’s wishes and lifestyle, a good House Manager will adjust to present themselves and the home well to all guests that enter the space.


An experienced House Manager will bring flexibility and problem-solving to their position and be comfortable handling any complication or issue that arises concerning the home.


Find and Hire a House Manager

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